No success setting up a Bolt module since a week

Good morning from Germany!

More than a week ago, I tried to setup a Bolt module - a process which is said to be done within a few minutes.

But using the Bolt app both under iOS, Android and FireOS failed - presumably because of some internal assumptions made in the App which are not fulfilled on my side.

Using a low-level approach (see iPhone connected to WiFi hotspot - but App can't connect - #14 by a-rozek) I was able to connect my module to the internet (both blue and green LED are on and stable) but it is still not linked with my account.

Using another low-level approach (see iPhone connected to WiFi hotspot - but App can't connect - #17 by a-rozek and Re-register bolt IoT) I tried to register my device - the response sounded promising, but the module still does not appear in my account.

How should I proceed?

I already spent a lot of time just setting up a Bolt module without any success - I’ll give myself some more time until this weekend, but if the device is not working by Dec., 4th, I’ll give up and throw it away…

Hey, @a-rozek Apologies from my side for delaying this. I shall check this in the backend with the tech team and revert back before the end of the day today.

Thank you very much for your effort!


I just reset the Wifi settings of one of my Bold modules (with the latest firmware) and tried to set it up again - first by using your app and then “manually” (i.e., with HTTP requests).

The behaviour of module and app (and Bolt Cloud GUI) is like before - I am unable to link the device with my account and bring it online…

I start thinking that I’m just wasting my time with these modules…

Just to keep any readers informed:

after a second video conference with two members of the staff at Bolt, my modules were successfully added to the Bolt cloud and were treated as “online” there. A few experiments using the API Request Builder turned out to be successful!

As far as I understood, the primary technical reason for the initial misbehaviour was an incomplete registration process - perhaps because of an old module firmware. A manual registration solved the issues (additionally, I also updated the firmware)

Many thanks to Ashwin Salgaocar and his colleague(s) for their effort!