No success setting up any Bolt module after TWO weeks!

Good morning from Germany!

More than two weeks ago, I tried to setup a Bolt module - a process which is said to be done within a few minutes.

But using the Bolt app both under iOS, Android and FireOS failed - presumably because of some internal assumptions made in the App which are not fulfilled on my side.

Using a low-level approach (see iPhone connected to WiFi hotspot - but App can't connect - #14 by a-rozek) I was able to connect my module to the internet (both blue and green LED are on and stable) but it was still not linked with my account by then.

Using another low-level approach (see iPhone connected to WiFi hotspot - but App can't connect - #17 by a-rozek and Re-register bolt IoT) I tried to register my device - the response sounded promising, but the module still did not appear in my account.

Finally, the staff at Bolt registered one of my devices manually. It now appears in the Bolt Cloud GUI - but always as offline!

I tried to update the module’s firmware, but that didn’t change anything.

Now, after two calendar weeks and more than 8 hours of forum research and own experiments I have to give up.

From my personal point of view, the modules are completely unusable - I once supported the Kickstarter campaign, but now I will just throw them away…

Hi @a-rozek Apologies for the issue and the delay in setting up the meeting.

I have arranged for our tech team colleague to be available today at 4:00 PM IST(11:30 AM MET). We shall try to fix the issue on call.

If the issue persists we will send 2 fresh units of the Bolt WiFi module to your address. We expect the modules to work right out of the box as they will hold the latest firmware.

Let us know if that works.

Good morning!

Thanks for your effort - I will be available around 11:30 AM

I am basically ready for the meeting…

Hi @a-rozek As discussed in the video meeting, the issue for you has been fixed. Do let us know if anything goes wrong from here on.

Just to keep the readers informed:

after a second video conference with two members of the staff at Bolt, my modules were successfully added to the Bolt cloud and were treated as “online” there. A few experiments using the API Request Builder turned out to be successful!

As far as I understood, the primary technical reason for the initial misbehaviour was an incomplete registration process - perhaps because of an old module firmware. A manual registration solved the issues (additionally, I also updated the firmware)

Many thanks to Ashwin Salgaocar and his colleague(s) for their effort!